Why Dinky Doors?

Dinky world graphic.png

"Isn't that kinda unrealistic?" said the first person to hear our ambitious plan to *SAVE THE WORLD*.

Well, we don't think so.

You see, it's weird. Statistics about the state of the world generally confound our perception. Right now, it's actually a pretty good time to be alive. We live longer thanks to astounding advances in medicine, fewer people are being killed in wars, and there are more people being pulled out of poverty when you look across our planet.

But that's not how it typically feels. It's really hard to live in our modern connected world and escape the relentless onslaught of terrible news. It's everywhere. TV, newspapers, social media, people in the pub and countless places online. If you want to remain even moderately informed about what's going on, bad news is inescapable. It seems to be the price you have to pay.

That makes it easy to get yourself down, lose faith in humanity and give up on your dreams.

That can't be right. We have to do something.

We're a firm believer that little things can have big effects. Fixing big problems doesn't always require big (often expensive) initiatives. Tiny things can have a huge impact too - especially if they're delightful, unexpected and well-intentioned.

Our plan is to fill the world with mood-lifting and surprising delights. Just out of plain sight, but there to be unexpectedly spotted, nonetheless. And when you do spot them, it's enough to inject a bit of joy into your day. A moment of joy, that lifts your spirit and prepares you for the day's next challenge.

But why Dinky Doors? Well, we think curious little doors add a bit of unexpected wonder and mystery to the everyday. They're intriguing, cute, and spark the imagination, all with an extra dollop of good humour too.

Stay with us, and let's *SAVE THE WORLD* through unexpected wonders as you wander.

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