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We’ve er… unexpectedly found ourselves on a mission to *Save the world* - and we’d love it if you joined us.

Yes. We know it sounds crazy, but we were contacted by a mysterious other-worldly being, who asked us to spread wonder and delight on planet Earth. They’d noticed that we’re all a bit miserable, what with [Gestures wildly] …everything and all.

We don’t know much about these aliens yet… but their supreme leader was MOST-clear when they said we should bring wonder and delight through the medium of… um… dinky little doors.

Surprising little doors. Nestled where you least expect them.

Made with care, and passion to deliver a small dollop of joy to your day.

Little doors to lift your mood, prepare you for the day’s next challenge, and start a chain reaction of positivity that’ll *save the world*

It’s weird how one day you’re going about your normal daily life, and the next you’re making dinky doors under instructions from aliens to help cheer up the world.

Here’s the thing. Creating dinky doors is a non-dinky undertaking, and we could really use your help.

Firstly, just spreading the word about our mission would be totally splendid. The more people who see the doors, the more people we hope to delight. We know not everyone will be able to physically see a door out in the wild, but if the stories behind them can still waft across the Internet, it will still help with saving the world. Sharing a link to one of our videos, or this Patreon page would certainly earn our gratitude, and would no doubt impress the Supreme leader too. Thank you.

Now, there’s absolutely no obligation, but becoming a Patron is a sure-fire way to help keep the project alive.

A dinky donation - even just enough to buy a lovely cup of tea, goes towards covering the material costs and time that goes into making the doors. They’re all handmade, and unique, and making them takes considerable elbow grease, not to mention all the time spent putting together the videos that tell the story too. Your patronage directly translates into making the world a more delightful place.

As a patron, you also get *early* access to news and videos, and we can make sure everyone knows how lovely you are by publicly crediting you as a fellow world-saver.

You can even help suggest what doors we create… it’s very exciting.

And if you haven’t already, you can check out some of our videos so far, which show our first few dinky doors. Broadly, there are ‘build’ videos that show how we make the doors, and ‘storytelling’ videos that cover the location and mission from the supreme leader.

So yes, thanks ever so much for watching, we hope you share our ambition to create unexpected wonder and delight, and that you’re persuaded to follow and possibly support this crazy mission to *SAVE THE WORLD*.

Thank you!


We know Patreon might not be for everyone, so you can also help support our unexpected mission with a donation via PayPal too. Much love!