Dinky Doors - ON THE TELLY!

Very much hoping that ITV News don’t mind that we’ve recorded the segment they made on us and posted it here - we just didn’t want to lose it when it disappears off their website catch-up player.

But here you go. Dinky fame!

It’s a really lovely piece and we’re amazed to have received the attention. Which in part, explains how we’re going to *SAVE THE WORLD*. They say that nobody notices them, but here we are on the TV news, adding a bit of unexpected delight and making people happy. That makes us very happy indeed.

We think it’s important that they’re tucked away slightly. If they’re in plain sight, and everyone immediately sees them, then they lose a little bit of charm and that moment of delight that you’ve spotted something that other people might not know about. It probably also helps protect them a little from those who’d seek to give them a kick or an over-enthusiastic prod.

Hope you enjoy. It certainly made our day seeing our dinky little project on the tellybob,

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Or maybe you’d prefer to use PayPal…?

Much love,

Team Dinky.