The Emailerator Dinky Door

You know how it is… you’ve got all these important letters, packages and parcels that you’ve diligently and lovingly prepared, but then, you’re forced to entrust them into the postal service. *So* much could go wrong from that point forward.

Luckily… Dinky Doors is here to help. Actually, and more specifically, our Emailerator will do the helping - we’ll just stand nearby and marvel at quite how it manages to take your mail and turn it into “certain-to-arrive” emails. Fast, reliable emails. No scrunching or crunching of your letters and parcels with pure digital efficiency.

Probably best not to open the door.

Probably best not to open the door.

We’re not totally sure how it works - we haven’t dared to open the door to find out its inner-most workings. Maybe you could take a peek?

Rest assured - your valuable letters and parcels will almost possibly arrive at their location. We think we’re nearly certain of that.

Do pop and visit it. It’s next to this handsome box and can be found on the corner of Riverside/Priory Road in Cambridge

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With much love,

Team Dinky