New dinky Dinky Doors recruits

As you probably know, we’re on an unexpected mission to *SAVE THE WORLD*, spreading dollops of delight, and wonder as you wander.

It’s quite an ambitious quest, certainly, and it takes up a lot of our time and effort. So when we heard that there was a crack new team of creative minds on the scene, similarly creating dinky little doors, we had to investigate.

And Crikey. It’s amazing.

Ace Nursery school were so inspired by our Dinky Doors, that they set about creating their own. Check them out below!

We’ve already felt the ripples of delight that their doors have created in the space-time-delight-o-vortex and we feel certain these new creators will be significant allies in the quest to *SAVE THE WORLD*.

Thank you Ace Team, we’re delighted to have you on board!


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BUT… for the cost of a cup of tea, you can effectively buy a bit of public art. Instead of it being just for you home though, it’s in public where EVERYONE, including you, gets to see and hopefully enjoy it. You can be directly responsible for making the world more joyful and delighting young, old, rich and poor.

We’d be enormously grateful for your support - helping to cover the costs of making these Dinky Doors.

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With much love,

Team Dinky