Post about the lamp inside our Reality Checkpoint lamp post door

In a somewhat low-key release, we’ve updated (replaced) our Reality Checkpoint door. Because, well, it was looking *really* very scruffy.

It was one of the first three doors that we released and wasn’t built to the modern international standard for Dinky Doors. Both the weather and some enthusiastic interaction had left it looking pretty sad, and we really felt it was impairing the magnificence of the Reality Checkpoint lamp post.

Here’s how it was looking before

Reality checkpoint on SOS.jpg

And here’s the repla…. wait… does this new one light up?

Reality Checkpoint table glow.jpg

Yup. To those in the know, if you try to move the needle to Feisty, then… er… DEFCON panic station 94 is initiated inside the post… and it all goes a bit crazy. Crikey.

We’ve hopefully made it so that you can’t leave it on Feisty permanently - partly in an effort to save batteries, but mostly because it would imperil the reality of reality itself.

Here it is in-situ:

Fishy reality checkpoint.jpg

We’ve also added a poop porch over the top of the dial, to hopefully fend off the worst of the avian attacks from above!

Reality Checkpoint glow.jpg

This time around, the door has a lot more metal and shouldn’t be quite so brittle. We hope it’ll be able to serve as a lasting mechanism to indicate the realness of reality. Yup.

Did you know, Hilda (the resident reality checker who lives inside Reality Checkpoint) can send you a personal message, lovingly scribbled on a delicious postcard? You do now. We know you’d love to get your own postcard. You’ll love it, and you’ll be helping keep our mission alive.

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