Dinky stories about Dinky Doors

Perhaps the greatest joy we get from trying to *SAVE THE WORLD* with our Dinky Doors is when we see what you lovely people do with them. That we have helped to spark your creativity gives us enormous satisfaction, but mostly, we hope they’re something that brings a bit more delight into your day.

We wanted to share just a few of those stories, sent to us privately (but with permission to share) because they really made our day, and maybe they can lift yours.

So without further ado…


A delightful Dinky poem

by LittleStoryMouse

‘Beneath your knees and wandering toes,

Dinky Doors lie under your nose.

An optimistic point of view.

If you are looking… you’ll find them too.


A lamppost stands, tall and strong.

A midway point to walk along,

Parker’s Piece, (a common ground).

A Dinky Door will soon be found.


Dressed in red to grab attention,

Four phone boxes need a mention.

Look between the vibrant scene,

To find a dinky time machine.


A Dinky Door with a different purpose,

Offers a Letter to email service.

Standing small on the Riverside

Open it’s door to peek inside.


Ten (and a quarter) Downing Street, brings politics to the passing feet.

A reminder to respect the views,

Of other folk, in different shoes.


An Emporium waits, (day and night), stocking trinkets to delight.

The sign reads, ‘Gifts from above’

Dinky doors are a Labour of love.’



Dr Nicola Gibson

Positive Psychology Lecturer

Anglia Ruskin University

Dear Dinky Doors, 

I have unexpectedly wonderful news! Your mission to *SAVE THE WORLD* has been unexpectedly successful! :-)

On a delightful quest to discover all the Dinky Doors, I made a surprising and unexpected friend. 

I met Dinky Dalek when they came to our world by accessing the teleport-o-matic, bent on a Tiny World Takeover, and Dinky Dalek Domination! 


At first it seemed we were all doomed, for DinkyDalek unexpectedly took over the government at 10 (and a quarter) Downing Street, joining forces with it’s tentacular occupants. 


Despite my protests, DinkyDalek continued their conquest, commandeering and controlling our communicatons from the Emailerator, and spreading the news of the DinkyDalek Invasion of Earth. 


Yet all hope was not lost! I told DinkyDalek that two doors remained yet unconquered – determined to complete their mission, DinkyDalek consented to follow me to the next Dinky Door……

At the Wonder Emporium, DinkyDalek was wonderstruck by all the wondrous things…a world that could have such surprising wonders in it….perhaps Earth didn’t need conquering after all?...


DinkyDalek seemed thoughtful, and so I suggested we visit the final Dinky Door…..

Here, DinkyDalek beheld Love From Above, and it’s metal-cased heart finally melted.


Despite our differences, DinkyDalek and I became best friends. To consolidate this wonderful, surprising and implausible friendship, we went for a coffee, watched the world go by, and mused on the nature of wonder.

And so you see, what could so easily have been the end of life as we know it became the beginning of something surprising and wonderful. DinkyDoors touched the heart of a DinkyDalek, and *SAVED THE WORLD*


Many thanks, because of you, I have a new friend, and humanity is safe once again,

Dr Nicola Gibson


Dinky Doors homework!

From DDKK78


Here’s some fantastic homework that surely secured top marks at school. Truly splendid story of exploration and adventure, hunting them all down!

Thank you everyone, for helping to *SAVE THE WORLD*

Much love,


Team Dinky

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