In search of the Supreme Leader

Well crikey.

What have we been up to exactly?

Where’s our next door?

When will it be released?

Where’s the Supreme Leader?

When will you actually answer a question instead of posing them?

Why has the Dinky Doors HQ been shrouded in an impenetrable cloud of dust and chaos?


Well, in case you haven’t HERD, we’ve been tasked with a biggerer-than-normal mission that is a considerable UDDER-taking. It’s probably easiest to watch the video above.

Remar-COW-bly, and quite flatteringly truth be told, your team at Dinky HQ have been asked to rustle up a COW-MOO-flage for a daring Supreme Leader rescue mission.

It’s very exciting, if somewhat humongouserer than what we’re used to.

Oh… and it’s all for the fab-MOO-lous Cows About Cambridge art trail which kicks off in 2020.

So yup, watch part one of the video to learn more.


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Team Dinky