Where can I find these Dinky doors?

Great question. They're small, so they can be tricky to spot. 

We'll update you on their locations here on our website, but also over on PatreonYouTube, Instagram and Pinterest.


Can I help you to... *SAVE THE WORLD*?

Yes. We're determined to make the world a happier, more joyful place. We firmly believe that little acts of surprise, delight and wonder can make a huge difference to your mood. And if you're in a good mood, it's infectious and leads to positive stuff happening.

A great starting place is to support us via Patreon. Help us cover material costs and spread the word - and all for the cost of a delicious cup of tea.


Who's the supreme leader?

We don't know. They came out of the television. We've looked behind the TV but it's just our living room wall. It's a bit dusty, actually. Probably should sort that. 


Any other questions?

We love helping, so if there's anything you'd like to know, you can contact us here.