Where to find our Dinky Doors


Hello Brave explorer!

So you want to learn the (top secret) locations of our Dinky Doors? Well, you might have come to the right place for map-like clues. Hidden in the map below, we’ve secretly stashed some bright red Dinky Doors logos where our doors are top-secretly located...

Maybe you can spot them?

If you do manage to solve the cryptic “bright-red-logo-indicating-the-location-of-a-Dinky-Door” clues below, and find yourself on a dinky tour, we’d wholeheartedly appreciate a dinky donation to help us keep this project alive.

Sustaining public art is hard - we don’t have customers buying a painting or sculpture, so we rely on people donating towards costs. If you’ve liked our doors, and want to help make the world more delightful, a dinky donation via PayPal is totally amazing. It’s like buying art for yourself, only *everyone* gets to enjoy it - not just those lucky enough to mooch around inside your home.

Or if you prefer, becoming a Patron gets you exclusive ‘First to know’ content…

And if you need a location map you can download and print, you’re in luck: