Personal message from our Emailerator

Personal message from our Emailerator


We’re pretty certain that inside our Emailerator ‘parcel-to-email’ service it’s all super computers and machine learning. Almost undoubtedly. Probably. Definitely maybe.

We’ll send it a message asking it to reverse the flux-o-positneutrons - so instead of sending an email, it’ll send a delightful postcard to you, your little one(s) or maybe even an unsuspecting friend.

Like the Emailerator service itself, it’s sure to be efficient and stylishly delivered.


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Everyone loves to get something in the post. Nowadays it’s all bills, junk mail and fast food menus. How much nicer it would be to get a lovely personal message from your favourite Dinky Door? We promise it’ll make the recipient smile and prolong their fascination with their Dinky Doors encounter.

All our postcards are stylishly printed and contain a location map of the door.

It might look like you’re just buying a postcard with a bespoke personal message, but what you’re really doing is helping to make our public art possible. It directly translates into delighting thousands of people and therefore, ultimately, is *SAVING THE WORLD*. Thank you.