Personal message from inside the Reality Checkpoint lamp post

Personal message from inside the Reality Checkpoint lamp post


Checking reality for how real it is, is a tough job and requires diligence, a keen sense of smell and the ability to move the indicator needle. We’re certain we can get the person responsible for this task to take time out of their busy schedule to send you a personal message.

Having to spend so much time assessing the feistiness or splendidness of reality, their mind might not be deliciously cogent, but… that makes it all the more fun, right?

You, your little one(s) or maybe even an unsuspecting friend will receive a personal message lovingly scribbled on a stylish postcard.

Are you ready for a reality check?

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Everyone loves to get something in the post. Nowadays it’s all bills, junk mail and fast food menus. How much nicer it would be to get a lovely personal message from your favourite Dinky Door? We promise it’ll make the recipient smile and prolong their fascination with their Dinky Doors encounter.

All our postcards are stylishly printed and contain a location map of the door.

It might look like you’re just buying a postcard with a bespoke personal message, but what you’re really doing is helping to make our public art possible. It directly translates into delighting thousands of people and therefore, ultimately, is *SAVING THE WORLD*. Thank you.