Set of 6 blank postcards

Set of 6 blank postcards


Want all six postcards, but without the hand-scribbled personal message? You’re in luck! Get *all six* postcards, each depicting one of our (current) Dinky Doors in one handy set.

Each postcard is stylishly printed and includes a dinky map showing the location of the door.

We think you’ll love them.

Buying a set of cards is a sure-fire way to help support public art, and it’s how together, we can *SAVE THE WORLD*

Eternal thanks.

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We’ll post all six cards to you in an envelope, ready for you to either lovingly display on your wall, or to add a stamp and send to a special recipient.

It might just look like you’re buying a set of stylish postcards, but what you’re really doing is helping to make our public art possible. It directly translates into delighting thousands of people and therefore, ultimately, is *SAVING THE WORLD*. Thank you.