Um… Technically it’s not for sale… BUT…

…there *is* something you could buy instead, which would be far more lovely!

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Make a Dinky PayPal donation

Sustaining public art is hard - we don’t have customers buying a painting or sculpture, so we rely on people donating towards costs. If you’ve liked our doors, and want to help make the world more delightful, a dinky donation via PayPal is totally amazing. It’s like buying art for yourself, only *everyone* gets to enjoy it - not just those lucky enough to mooch around inside your home.

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If you want to get exclusive content and be the first to know about our new doors, you’ll want to become a patron on Patreon.

It’s like being part of a top secret club, where we keep you informed of everything Team Dinky are getting up to. You can support us for as much or little as you want, but starts at $1 a month - so way less than the cost of a cup of tea.

We’d love it if you joined us.

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It would help enormously if you could help spread the word too

We’re trying to *SAVE THE WORLD* so getting the word out to as many people as we can, is a non-dinky undertaking. You can help us reach more people.