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We never really expected to start the Wonder Emporium, but well, we kept seeing these things fall from the sky, and they were all so wondrous and amazing and wonderful and weird and we wondered what to do with them and then I was chatting to Basil and he said he also thought these wonders were wonderful and wondered too what we should do with them, and at about that time I saw my friend Matilda and she said she was wandering past this place the other day and wondered if it would make a good place to put these wonders she’d found and then I thought what a good idea it would be to have a place where we could collect these wonders together in one place and that’s when Basil said we should try and sell them because if people wandered by and saw these wonders they might wonder if they could buy them and I mentioned it in passing to Gunther and he said that he thought it could work and wondered what a place that sells wonders could be called and so I sat down with Basil and he wondered what names would really make it clear that we we offering wonders to people for sale and then it struck me that we should include ‘Wonder’ in the name, and Matilda liked this idea too, so we set up the Wonder Emporium. The rest is history, really.