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We're on an unexpected mission to... *SAVE THE WORLD*

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A dinky quest... with grand ambitions



It started when we were contacted by a mysterious other-worldly being with what sounded like a very important quest.

Probably easiest to watch the video here to bring you up-to-speed.

Anyway, it all makes *so* much sense. And besides... who are we to disregard such an urgent missive?

We clearly have no choice.


Who's behind the quest?

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Unexpected wonder as you wander

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We're going to make the world a better place. Show that there's still delight where you least expect it. Make you wonder as you wander.

Yes. By golly we're only going to open up portals to other worlds. Yes. Open doors. As many as we can find.

Finances are tight though, so er... they're going to have to be small doors.


Dinky, even.

"Dinky doors". Yup, that sounds a plan.



Better get started.